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MayWeather and Productivity

MayWeather and Productivity has just one goal: to trigger you to do more. In clear terms, it explains fundamental values that will help you lead a productive life.

This collection was first published as letters and has repositioned a number of persons on to a path of steady progress.

This book will help guide you up the ladder of productivity in a most satisfying way.

I will recommend that these letters be published for the public as a contribution towards developing the self-esteem of individuals.


Commercial, Sahara Group

With each word, each sentence he strings together answers for your questions, strong nudges in the right direction, high fives in the air, a pat on your back, a heartfelt hug. It is hard to come by words that soothe and bless the soul this way.


Medical Student

Jibsss, you really don’t know what those your newsletters do to me. I always feel like I have many people watching me anytime I decide to be lazy. It’s like an alarm clock, lol.

Elizabeth ODENIYI

Policy Development & Communication Specialist

Each letter embodies values such as Courage, Patience and Focus which are invaluable catalysts for Success. Anyone who embodies these values and acts on them will definitely move from where they are to where they want to be.


HR Professional

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