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Meet Ajíbọ́lá

Ajíbọ́lá ỌLÁDÌÍPỌ̀ is a practical thinker and executioner in public sector innovation. He gathers new ideas, distills and implements them to create value for society either through new or improved processes or services. 

He has worked with government, corporate and research entities across industries in unique capacities, nationally and globally, including the Norwegian Refugee Council / Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Action Against Hunger / German Federal Foreign Office in Borno State, M. Larsen Ghana Waste Ltd and the Government of Ghana, the Government of the Republic of Guinea, Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Oyo State Waste Management Authority, Oyo State Ministry of Environment, Ogun State Ministry of Environment, Osun Waste Management Agency, Ebonyi State Government, Cranfield University and so many others. 

Ajíbọ́lá’s skills and clear vision makes him a valuable ecosystem leader and this has led him to wear hats that are value-driven in nature. 

A Strong History

Being blessed with parents with strong antecedents in public service informed my decision to chart a course in public sector innovation and dedicate my career to amplifying the voices of everyday citizens and marginalized communities. Through my work in the waste management sector, I have helped in solving public health issues in countless communities.

I understand that true progress can only be made when everyone’s voices are heard, and I have dedicated myself to ensuring that happens. Whether it’s through organizing rallies, advocating for policy change, simply providing a platform for others to share their stories or leveraging relationships towards achieving a goal, I am on the road to becoming a powerful force for change.

  • Waste Management 
  • Social Inclusion, Security and Investments
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Climate Action Education




Ultimately, I want people from my constituency to be proud to have Ajíbọ́lá as a part of their community and be inspired by my commitment to helping people make their voices heard.

Results & Accomplishments

Government Contracting

Extensive experience in researching government contracts and proficient grasp of bidding processes


• Worked on the Norwegian Refugee Council / Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre project and designed the study process. Administered 80 in-depth qualitative interviews, analysed 100 data.

• Worked on the Action Against Hunger project that monitored and evaluated the intervention of the German Federal Foreign Office in Borno State.

Waste Management 

• Led a State Government project of over 190M budget aimed to evacuate illegal dumpsites in Ibadan metropolis which impacted every resident in Ibadan. Completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget with over 20 team members.

• Managed over 100 private service providers in Oyo State waste management sector employing over 20,000 workers such as drivers, labourers, supervisors and other artisans on the job which was a plus to job creation programme of Oyo State;

• Worked with the State’s Technical Committee on the development of a 14MW Green Power Plant and an associated agro – waste compost facility at Aba – Eku, Akanran, Ibadan;
• Upgraded and Improved the Institutional Outline responsible for the collection of waste within Oyo State.
• Prepared Business Proposals and Tenders for use in Ghana, Guinea and Oyo, Ogun and Ebonyi States of Nigeria.
• Drafted Oyo State Master Plan for Solid Waste Management and Oyo State Policy Guidelines on Solid Waste Management (2020 – 2035)
• Led Refuse Dump Clearance and Sanitary Care Campaigns across Ibadan Metropolis.
• Represented vested interests in the implementation of the Lagos State Blue Box project. Supervised the production of 1million receptacles for recyclables from municipal waste.

• Secured the approval of Osun State Government, concession of 30 (thirty) Acres of land and a Memorandum of Agreement for a medical waste treatment facility in Osun State.
• Initiated Partnerships and Involvement of Non – Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Groups and Coalition towards the implementation of various recycling initiatives.

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy

~ John Adam


I strongly believe that politics is about people. It’s not just about big money, special interests, or the political elites – it’s about the everyday citizens who care about the issues that affect their lives, their families, and their communities. 

I am dedicated to supporting and amplifying worthy grassroot efforts across my locality, whether it’s through organizing, advocacy, or simply spreading the word. I know that real change comes from the ground up, and I am committed to working with individuals like you to make that change a reality.

Together, we can make a difference – one person, one issue, and one community at a time.

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