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Still on Mindfulness

Still on Mindfulness

Olutola thinks meditation is a worthy investment because learning it is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. This is definitely a statement born out of experience.  She believes that meditation is one of her super powers: it helps me know and feel that...

Concerning Mindfulness

Concerning Mindfulness

I took a glimpse at my past and I remember how much I wanted meditation to be taught in high schools. Perhaps, wishful thinking! I felt it was more beneficial to teach mindfulness and meditation, emotional intelligence and their clique.  Have you heard about the...

Oya Do Am If  E Easy

Oya Do Am If E Easy

It’s a pretty chilled Friday and today, I’d like to bring the words of Catherine Pulsifer to your remembrance: Never let fear stop you from asking something you don't understand or know. To pretend or to act as if you know is not a wise thing to do. If you really want...

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