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Channel of Creativity

Channel of Creativity

I can boldly say that your support has been an inspiration and most importantly, my reward. Having to iterate different styles of driving home a point and your consistent interaction is a big deal! I wondered why some articles or newsletters performed more than others...

Still on Mindfulness

Still on Mindfulness

Olutola thinks meditation is a worthy investment because learning it is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. This is definitely a statement born out of experience.  She believes that meditation is one of her super powers: it helps me know and feel that...

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My blog content straddles Environment and Sanitation, Innovation and Strategy, Politics and Public Governance, Public Enterprises and Policy, Quality and Inclusive Education.

In all of this, my writing strives to be simple – to have you inspired,  learn something new and/or have a laugh.  So have a play around the site and definitely subscribe to get all of the regular updates, giveaways, event details and general fun stuff.

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