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We tend to undervalue creating only for ourselves and place excess value on creating for a huge audience. However, your audience of one will be there every day when you wake up.

If you think that you’ll step it up only when the audience is larger, the audience, in a mysterious way, won’t get any larger. 

Many of us dream of the day when millions of people will listen to their shows, read their books, buy their products, or watch them perform. But what will you bring to the table when you’re performing only for an audience of one — yourself?

Forget about the metrics, bestseller lists, the gallery openings, and the shining lights. The beauty of a fulfilling creative work is the result of losing yourself in the moment. When the work is done, your role comes to an end. The moment you publish or share, the fate of a newsletter, an article, a book, a documentary or music album is ultimately out of your hands. That returns to the people.

You can’t control how the world responds. What you control in any creative endeavor is your effort. Your continuous and daily input to nurture your creativity and commitment to the process.

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