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Don’t you think our fear of losing (our illusion of) security is what makes us anxious?

Did you notice your mind is always seeking zones of safety, and when these zones of safety are continually falling apart, you scramble to get another zone of safety back together again?

Here is the truth: we spend all of our energy and lives trying to re-create these zones of safety, which are always falling apart.

In as much as you want to know what’s happening, you can never know what will happen to you the next minute. All you can do is try to control the uncontrollable by looking for security and predictability – always hoping to be comfortable and safe.

But the truth is that we can never avoid uncertainty.

In all sincerity, we dread being confused and not knowing which way to turn whenever we are in a fix. I have come to realise this whole not-knowing what next is part of the adventure of life. It’s equally what makes us afraid.

To cave in to the fear of uncertainty is to extend the reign of unproductivity. If you cannot avoid uncertainty, it is of utmost importance that you embrace it. You must stop trying to control and predict every aspect of your life, and instead develop the skills to handle what comes your way.

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