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Olutola thinks meditation is a worthy investment because learning it is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. This is definitely a statement born out of experience. 

She believes that meditation is one of her super powers: it helps me know and feel that everything is still under control. Equally, the bigger picture becomes clearer when you are given to meditation.

There is just a thin line between meditation and worry or over thinking.
If you know how to worry, then you can meditate. While the resultant effect is different, they are hinged on the same principle.

You know why worrying is wrong?
In worrying, you are creating anxiety for an impending problem or a pending problem. Worrying is a really long road that leads nowhere and the end is unproductive.

She strongly believes that meditation can help refresh the human mind, brain and body. 

In conclusion, she said: meditation is not that easy. It takes intentional effort to really focus while meditating.

To enjoy the process of meditation, one needs to stay clear from any form of distraction. 

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