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Have you ever tried your hands on a thing and it didn’t work? I know it sucks! The first time I ever failed at a quest, I cried and starved for days. I lost my sleep and my mind became the real definition of chaos.
While I wondered what I’d reduced myself into, friends and family helped me shrug it off. In retrospect, I didn’t handle it well.

As much as failure hurts, your response to it is a crucial part of your journey. Here is why: resilience.
Your response to failure builds the framework for resilience, growth and most importantly, success.

To listen to every successful man out there and digest their story is to find the different shades of what resilience is. To be honest, to stay resolute and not settle for less or even change the course of your direction because of unforeseen challenges is a ruthless discipline. Quite tough, methodical and boring too.

On gloomy days, choose to focus on your inner game, embrace your tough and unpopular routine with sobriety, constantly remember who you are and why you have chosen what you are doing. This kind of ethics sets you up to win the bigger game. It prepares you for opportunities you never knew existed and makes you an overnight success in the faces of many.

This is the character you’d find consistent with winning on all grounds and phases of life.

Just like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Bill Gates and a host of unsung heroes across Africa and the Middle East, you’d get to understand your life better and why you are doing the things you are doing if you handle it well.

When next you find yourself in a fix, never be in a haste to get out of it. You’d only hurt yourself some more. Take time to reflect, put things into perspective and develop meaning from the pain point.

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