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I realized one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make is to let go of every emotional attachment I had to my work. It’s easy to say that I’d just let go, move forward and forget about it when the piece of work is just there but it doesn’t really work that way when the said piece of art or creativity is the talk of your world.

How then do we say: let go of the fact that your name is written in gold in the hall of fame? Feels like crack, right?

In the phases of life, varying experiences are imminent: the good, bad, ugly and then life! Since this is the case, why will you choose to place a ban and limit on how far you can reach? You wrote the finest article on Marketing in Africa and everyone seemed to clone your template, why stop there when you can recreate the magical wand of you in the subject of Public Policies?

It breaks my heart to see that we project letting go to be only valid when you hang on to negative experiences when it remains a stronghold in the minds of potential disruptors. When you hit the gold mine, acknowledge it: bask in the euphoria and live in the moment but most importantly, the next step is to invest the way forward: the past is over.

  • Where do you want to go now and how do you plan to get there?
  • What new projects are you taking on and how do you intend the onboard the responsibilities and challenges that accompany such decisions?

Merely thinking about these unlocks possibilities in your mind. (Bringing the ideas to fruition is another ball game entirely)

However, when you conquer your world, an integral part of doing more is in training your mind to move in a new direction. It is a priceless opportunity: a one – way ticket to move forward.

Just before you ask if my name has even been written in gold in the hall of fame, take this as a side gist from me: a note to myself.

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