If you’ve ever experienced a deep-seated feeling of remorse for an action or inaction, you might have tasted guilt.

Remember when you stole from the pot and you were caught in the act by your mum? The finest way to explain guilt is when a past experience is renewed in the present moment. A creepy emotional state! I find it fascinating that with guilt comes shame! It’s quite shameful that shame itself is shameless: comes unannounced!

How would you feel if everybody can see how you feel about your actions and/or inactions? Will you be scared if I told you of your fears? And your next line of action? How to avoid me the next time you see me afar off?

Too often than not, that scary line of thought that makes you believe you cannot make peace with your past experience is an invalid one!

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
~ Jack Canfield

What if you look back on your past experience compassionately rather than with a guilty heart? How about you give your past the benefit of the fact that you acted based on the level of wisdom and understanding you had? Now that you know better, you’d do better. Right? If your answer is No, I really don’t know again.

There is no such a thing as living fully without letting go of the extra baggage: the burden of carrying guilt into your present moment robs you of living life fully and a brighter future. Guilt, shame and their entire family members are thieves!

My testimony is that of one who chose to live with no guilt in life. You can do the same. Choose to consistently take proactive steps in spite of your fears. Face it!

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