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If you want to relax yourself and you cannot afford to visit a spa, I have found a cheat code. I wouldn’t charge in $ or even £: I need you to pay attention.

Be mindful of everything you do: it relaxes you (mind – and body by extension), and puts you in a clear, decluttered mindset.

Being fully aware of each moment brings clarity and focus. As a matter of fact, mindfulness is one of the most productive activities you can engage in.

Be present in every moment throughout your day. Day or Night; it doesn’t matter. Whatsoever is worth doing, deserves your best. At that point in time, every other thing is secondary.

Ever heard the wise saying: put your money where your mind is? The reason is not farfetched. Mindfulness will save you money. It becomes your wallet’s gate keeper. Save for emergencies, you are at alert.

If you are planning to forget why you need to be mindful of all that you do, it is important that I remind you of the benefits so I can achieve my goals:

Mindfulness helps: 

  • you focus,
  • relieve anxiety ahead of your day, and
  • you connect with tasks and your environment.

Here’s a question you should always ask yourself: what am I working on and why?

Be mindful and intentional on what you are trying to accomplish. Every task you work on should align with your greater goal. If this is not the case, become more aware of the goal that you are working towards and what needs to be done to achieve it.

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