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For us at The Productivity Mindset, we are just getting started. We finally found our identity after a number of iterations. And the best news? We are now looking for a part-time Product Management Intern to help us iterate and improve our offerings. Our ideal intern has to be obsessed with our emerging community.

The Productivity Mindset is a community of young folks who love learning about personal productivity, innovation, leadership and personal growth on an intersection of note taking, good thinking and due diligence.

We are action takers who:

  • take responsibilities;
  • want to have a lasting impact;
  • are passionate about leading a productive life; and
  • enjoy building things that scale and create leverage.

The vision for this phase of the project is that it becomes the most diverse public repository for young folks to help them bring their visions to life and evolve into extraordinary leaders.

Irrespective of niche, we are showing what the future looks like and helping younger folks find their path to their own future.

We believe that the knowledge and attention economy should be democratized in such a way that any young person can have access to these resources without membership into an exclusive club. We hope you agree.


Things you’d have to do to make the community the best resource in the world for us:

  • put yourself in subscriber’s shoes and target their biggest needs and pain points in collecting and structuring content for the community;
  • source, conduct, and manage a user research pipeline across the system to understand how resources from the community is being used and can be improved;
  • ideate and execute on extensions or additions to the community that can continue serving the needs of youngsters.

Applications are now open for the role and we’d like to know:

  • who you are?
  • why you are a great fit?
  • what excites you about this project?
  • what recommendations you have for the community?
  • if we work together, what the community becomes in 90 days?
  • if you can commit to working with The Productivity Mindset for 20 hours a week?

In addition to the above, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • knowledge of Notion and other “no code” tools;
  • knack for organizing and presenting information;
  • insatiable curiosity to scour the web for new resources;
  • ability to manage workstreams without much oversight; and
  • demonstrated experience contributing to community development.

To submit an application, send an email addressing the above points to jibsss@ajiboladiipo.com If there’s a potential fit, be rest assured that we’ll follow up directly to schedule an initial conversation.

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