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It’s almost hard to accomplish anything alone. As a matter of, you needed the help of two consenting adults to be born. It’s interesting to note that your first bath was performed by someone else. Neither would you take the last by yourself.

When I decided to take writing more seriously, I had the help of friends and family, and I found a great community on Twitter who encourage me all of the time and did write short articles and essays with me. At a point in my life when I decided my spiritual life was of utmost urgency, I joined a fellowship and that helped tremendously.

The social construct that dictates that men are supposed to be strong and women are supposed to wallow in silence deserve to be permanently destroyed because real issues eat people up.

The effect of advocacy for mental health on social media has made the need to seek help an option for many. However, a number of people are uncertain whether they really need help. 

While some feel their issue is insignificant, (they don’t want to appear as attention seekers) others fear their problem is too enormous that nobody could be of help (they don’t want to be a burden).

How can you tell when to reach out for assistance?

The fact that you are contemplating getting help is a good enough reason to speak up and reach out. You’ve never been alone and you’d never be.

I couldn’t have reached this phase of life without those who supported me. Find your support network, either in the real world or online, or both. The most important thing is you feeling understood.

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