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When people say life is a marathon, I wonder if this present dispensation is their second, fifth or seventh lap at this thing called life. On what basis did we adopt the concept of Life: Sprint vs.  Marathon?

Perhaps it is one of the numerous universal truths!

While people like me tell you to stay put in the face of adversity, questioning everything about persistence will help you conclude that:

  1. Too many things take time. (explains why you should persist)
  2. Too many things happen in a jiffy. (To every rule, there are exemptions – the more reason why you should not persist. Try your luck and move on)

How does persistence work?

Quite simple: even if you stumbled into the shadow of death, you’d keep working towards your goals.

To persist means tough situations have nothing on you.

It is you accepting the fact that struggles, obstacles and all sorts of unforeseen circumstances will come your way. While their mission is to distract you or lead you to another destination, persistence makes you crush them out of your way. It’s your goal or nothing.

You’d need a shock absorber just in case you’ve spent years on your goals and it’s far from fruition. Your approach might need to change; particularly when you feel like you are not making progress.

If you ever want to overcome any challenge, be ruthless about persistence. Keep at it. Reinvent your wheel. Re-strategize. Chart a new direction to your destination. Whatsoever it is, just do it with your goals in mind.

The only way to find your inner strength is to fight the silent wars; to persist and never succumb. If you give in to tiredness after 5days, you sincerely do not have an idea of what it would have been if you continued for 5weeks. If you stopped after 5weeks, you are not in the best position to project what it would look like if you kept at it for 5months or 5years.

To know this is to receive sense: the future rewards only those who persist.

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