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Three years down the line in the waste management space and I realized I didn’t have to wait until I became an expert to write online. Interestingly, I had huge projects to undertake at that period. I blew an opportunity to build audience and authority in my niche.

I have learnt my lessons: to build a more impactful and meaningful career, write online.

For many years, writing has been considered as just another skill to be learned. Writing is compartmentalized from other tasks – it is seen as one task among others. People see writing as a task in itself: one with a beginning and an end. The need for writing mainly appears in the form of reviews, feedbacks, tasks, memo and letters.

Either as a student or an employee, your written work represents a preceded performance, namely learning, understanding and the ability to analyze other texts critically. 

By actively writing about your career, you’d position yourself as a thought leader who demonstrates what they have learned, show their ability to think critically and ability to develop ideas

Professionals should not only learn to write about their profession, but also learn facts, be able to discuss their ideas in seminars and listen carefully to other ideas.

Writing online is the fastest way to accelerate your career. It’s the best way to learn faster, build your resume, and find peers and collaborators who can create job and business opportunities for you.

~ David Perell

While a lot of persons feel blogging is outdated, it is about to be the new. Here’s how you’d know: Twitter threads are almost beginning to look like micro – blogs. There’s a future in having a channel to publish your work. Be it a personalized blog or micro – blog accounts.

I am beginning to treat my online presence as my resume, store, directory, personal newspaper and business card. It’s my safe space.

The internet is the highest leverage point since history. Use it productively.

~ Ayomide Ofulue

Of What Use?

Smart Ideas

To start with, if you constantly write about your ideas, you will never get out of sight what you want to achieve within your niche. This is because writing and good thinking work hand – in – hand.

Publishing your ideas helps you build a structure that will allow you to express yourself better and communicate complex ideas in a much more effective way. 

If you think writing is hard work, you need to speak with a writer and watch him/her tell you how much of hard work writing can be. Behind every sentence is the struggle to simplify a complex ideas using relatable words.

Writing is hard work, but if you can step up and put your thoughts out there for people to read and comment on, the challenges of your workplace don’t seem nearly as intimidating.

Here’s the truth: if you feel better about yourself, you will be willing to take on a more challenging role in your work. Publishing your ideas online and connecting with people who can relate with your ideas will offer you an opportunity to feel better.


Networking is small talk with a purpose. It happens when you share ideas online and this is because the only way to attract people to you is for them to see your ideas: your line of thought.

The goal of writing online is not to get more followers. It is to become a better thought – leader in your chosen career. Find a community of people with similar interests, build a better understanding of yourself and meet people that can change your career for good.

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Why did you take up that job? Steady pay – check is one of the reasons right ?
It’s not out of place because money allows you to buy what you need and want for yourself and others. Offer value and money will be attracted to your wallet. It doesn’t happen overnight but the compounding effect over time is mind – blowing!

Deborah Ashaye does a lot on Finance. She writes on Personal and Business Finance on her blog. If I need to speak with anyone on the theme, she’s an option! I can see her perspective on finance. If it’d require me paying for consultations, that’s it. How did I know about Deborah? She writes online. (She’s not even paying for the shout – out! You see how it works? Lol!)

More clarity, more money, better focus
~ Charles Miller


The Internet is for everybody! Don’t give room for intimidations: you don’t need permission from anyone before you publish your work. Build an audience, exchange ideas and grow! To write online is to give wings to your ideas. They either fly or get better. It’s a Win – Win situation for you.

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