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I am a depiction of the African success story. The standard bearer of excellence. My interest cuts across inclusive education, waste management and self – improvement. I want to build an adequate knowledge economy for the young

In clear terms: I am designing a path to greatness.

Irrespective of niche:

  • I am showing other young people the path to follow and how to reach their dreams.
  • I am showing what the future looks like and I am helping people find the path to their own future.

👩🏻‍💻 My Work

My Blog

Weekly blog posts on personal productivity since May 2020

It’s exciting to have lots of people who already know me, visit and read from my blog frequently. But there’s something particularly exciting when a new reader lands on here.

It is my third attempt and this time I am very much resolute on making it work. I had stopped documenting my experiences because I felt no one was reading. At a point I felt my stories were not worth sharing. Alas, it was a lie. I was being lazy and in search of a flimsy excuse.

My blog content straddles environment and sanitation, good thinking and personal productivity. In all of this, my writing strives to be simple – to have you inspired, learn something new and/or have a laugh.

In the nearest future, my blog will expand to include my thoughts on book reviews, culture, lifestyle, public enterprises and policies, quality and inclusive education, travels and the Christian faith.

Whether it’s to say hi, or give a feedback, I love hearing from my readers!

MayWeather Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter since May 1, 2020

I wrote 31 personalised letters in May 2020 and that was the beginning of the MayWeather series.

MayWeather is a free weekly newsletter featuring:

  • ideas to help you produce, promote, and profit from your creations;
  • weekly threads of wisdom with link to relevant resource materials;
  • recommended book of the week;
  • random thoughts of the week.

Writing the MayWeather newsletter daily in May 2020 amplified the relevance of showing up everyday. My writings are better for it.

SNAP with Jibsss Podcast

Weekly conversations with achievers | Reloaded: October 2020

With my long-form podcast, I intend to interview achievers. Those who talk and do!

I started this podcast by reading some of the newsletters I wrote in May 2020. I have since interviewed my friend OmoobaJesu ADETUNJI, an awe – inspiring writer who published two (2) books in the space of three months.

If you’re in search for the finest podcast to help you get things done, SNAP with Jibsss Reloaded is for you. You’d listen and get to work immediately.

Every episode will teach you how to do more with less. You’d get the results you want. Uncompromised!

Productivity Crib

This is the plan I am yet to unveil.

Productivity Crib is example of figure out how to help yourself and you’d help people like you.

Instead of watching the game of life from the sidelines, I’d love to see people (like me) in their numbers actively playing the game.

Instead of choosing from a bland menu of options that life offers, I want to see people(like me) author their own path forward, so they can get what they want out of life.

At the Productivity Crib, you will experience a systematic increase in productivity in your choice area of pursuit.

From an honest evaluation to cultivating ideas, distilling them into writing, and developing a clear roadmap that will ensure you make the biggest difference in your life.

By the time you complete the modules, you will transform from being a passive consumer of information to an high – flying achiever who has escaped the league of majority of people who endlessly consume without ever producing.

The content you produce will become an asset that you own. It will work for you 24/7, and become a magnet for like-minded people, interesting ideas, and opportunities.

Unconfirmed Module for Cohort 1 of 2021:

Lesson Plan

🛠 My Hood



Writing is therapeutic. It is my safe – space.

While on campus, I served in various capacities at the TechPress Organization, University of Ibadan Preliminary Science Students Press, Faculty of Science Student Press Organization and the Union of Campus Journalist, University of Ibadan.

I have been writing for a while: only to lose the basics to inconsistency and focus on non – essentials. I returned to my first love in May 2020 and I am back for good.

I also help seasoned writers with their work as an editor. I help writers use lesser words to make greater impact.



Beyond business engagements, collaborations and features, I am constantly thinking of ways to bring my readers enjoyable, inspiring and useful content.

People enjoy talking to me and I enjoy driving our conversation.

Research Assistant(Interviews): Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

Waste Management 


My goal is to provide you with a source of knowledge that can be used in everyday life to help make this world a greener place. Take your time, look around and learn all there is to know about waste management.

Ex: WestAfricaENRG, Executive Assistant (Private Contracts), Ex: MWM, International & Medical Waste Manager, Volunteer: Eleven Eleven Twelve Foundation. I offer tips on waste management on Instagram

Inclusive Education


I strongly believe that inclusive education focuses on the whole child. Social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development of each student regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or geographic location. My writings remain an expression of my opinion that we prepare students for life, not just for examinations.

Politics and Governance


I often focus on the analysis and explanation of government and non – government responses to public problems. Other times, I am busy learning the trade. As soon as I complete my apprenticeship, I’d obtain the membership card of a political party.

Collection of Work


B.Sc. Food Technology, University of Ibadan

Problem Solving

  • Municipal Enumeration and Billing

Many African States are concerned with the property record keeping, billing and collection of taxes in a bid to generate adequate revenue. My preliminary work in the waste management space afforded me the opportunity to work on proffer solutions on Municipal Enumeration and Billing. I can assist in closing such loopholes through an integrated system.

  • Data Collection and Management

Collecting and managing data can be incredibly time-consuming, and if not conducted efficiently, it can pose a tremendous burden. My approach allows easy interpretation of data.

  • Government Liaison and Policy Advisory

Managing political risk is a growing imperative for effective corporate governance and business planning. Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights on governmental policies can provide you a competitive market advantage and long-term stability

Favourite Quotes

Hard work is the destiny of success, and success is the destiny of hard work

~ Abiola A. Ajimobi

Consistency, goals, and assists – that gets you confidence and puts the thought in the manager’s head that he can’t drop you.

~ Jesse Lingard

I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.

~ John Adams

I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process.

~ Oprah Winfrey

Books Read in the last 2months

  • The Defining Decade by Meg Jay PhD
  • Blank Sheet Happens by Bolu Onasanya
  • How to Take Smart Notes by Sonke Ahrens
  • Power, Politics and Death by Olusegun Adeniyi
  • The History of the Yorubas from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the British Protectorate
  • Risk and Return: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Self-Discovery in Africa by Yomi Jemibewon

Word of Best Fit


My Personal User Manual

A deeper look at how I work, and who I like to work with: Ajibola OLADIIPO’s Personal User Manual


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