We all know it is important to be consistent: we hear this so well that the fuss about simple consistency is almost becoming a cliché. Put in the work, turn them into habits, create a template and repeat. Until you acknowledge that intellectual depth is a key component in sustaining consistency, you might struggle with it.

In any creative endeavour, to consistently blow hot and share engaging content is usually a part of the bargain. To hit it big! Our quest to be profound has led to a number of us blindly copying the style of influencers.

It’s okay if you’re bothered about these. It is important that you start from where you are. If you can write 400 words in 30minutes or write for 2hours at a stretch, focus on doing this so well. Simple consistency has been established: follow the same pattern.

Most people settle at this point where there is every opportunity for them to stack up their experience and plunge into the deep. Herein lies an opportunity to transition from “wanna be” to being prolific.  In this case, consistency is absolute.

Absolute consistency is as good as setting yourself up for continuous improvement. It’s beyond you just showing up for your audience.

Critical Questions

  1. Why are you doing this, why does it matter to you, what impact is this having on people around you and the internet? I wish I could answer these on your behalf. Finding answer to these questions will mirror the need for you to keep at the things you’re doing.
  1. To fix things in a particular way and follow the same pattern? Press for More. Why settle for a pattern when you can do better?
  1. Is it wrong to follow the same pattern? No. It is a question of what informed your choice of following the pattern.
  1. Of what use is consistency if it’d mirror inefficiency? While the simple act of repeating a task can help attain mastery, consistency is beyond repeated actions: it embodies putting your best work out. If there is anything you should be crazy about doing repeatedly, consuming useful information and thinking is your best bet.
  1. Why do I have to be consistent if all I have to share is just there? That’d mirror being shallow. Don’t aim to just show up like a student who is interested in only marking attendance in school. A baseline for achieving consistency is to put quality first! Consistency is as good as profundity.

The great depth of insight that accompanies your work is more satisfying than churning out effort so you can just show up. What is worth doing (at all) is worth doing well and as a matter of fact, your intensity will sustain your drive to always show up.

I am a huge fan of doing things instead of wallowing in the thought of execution. This in itself does not relegate the relevance of good thinking in the entire process. Critical or lateral thinking, it is important that your thoughts drive you to do your work properly and not appear shallow.

  1. Does this mean I need to be perfect before doing my thing? No! Progress over perfection, please.
  1. How can you be consistent with writing great speeches or inspiring articles? Read inspiring articles. Read transcripts of great speeches and watch videos of prolific public speakers.
  1. How can you be consistent with your thing? Seek knowledge and be ruthless about consuming and applying useful information. Be active about thinking: go far beyond what is obvious.

Do your work. Stay put only to build momentum. Do more work. Repeat. The internet rewards those who are prolific.


The idea shared above can be summarized as: seek to be deeply seated in understanding concept and ideas. It’s the consistency over a long period of time that ensures you see the breakthrough.

Penetrate deeply into subjects of thoughts and let your intellectual depth be the stimulant for consistency.

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