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Oluwatimilehin Amao is a member of LAUMED JOURNAL CLUB. It was exciting to know He had read this masterpiece just before me. I pleaded with Oluwatimilehin to do a review so you do not miss out of the magic OmoobaJesu Adetunji made in CROSSFIRE.

Just before you continue, you can be sure that CROSSFIRE is a book to read again and again.

The book deals extensively with happenings in the life of teens. Dynamic in its 21st century approach, the book spreads across all aspects relative to the adventures that come with living at that stage of life. The book is absolutely brilliant, too good for words.

I am a lover of fictional works and I can categorically say that CROSSFIRE is the one I could relate with the most. There is something different about it.

CROSSFIRE brought me in touch with real life. It resonates with situations we wake up and sleep with daily. The author approached the book with courage and lucidity. She exposed the things we’ve always covered up as a society.

The story borders around a Nigerian family. A typical Nigerian family! Only that the mother was late. Enitan was a good guy until he had to subdue the horror of killing his mother. All his efforts in subduing the guilt thoughts failed and nothing else remained for him to live for. His maternal grandma’s demise opened a new moment in his life.

His life took a 180 degree turn after he thought he had found love, a place of comfort for his troubled mind. The bricks supporting his dreams and aspirations came falling, in crumbs and bits after he failed an important examination. Adding to his frustration was the fact that his safe haven was taken away from him faster than he could blink his eye. All these coupled with the fact that he has been struggling for acceptance from his twin brother pushed him further away. He lived his days with hatred for his family pushing him to seeking solace in drugs, sex and bad companies.

The book reveals the hidden battle both boys and girls wage against their fleshy nature and their desire for innate ecstasy. The desire for approval by others and the longing for acceptance by the opposite gender. It brings to light how love can be a safe haven and simultaneously be the dynamite that ignites fury, hatred and envy.

With many plot twists and drama, you might throw your copy against a wall in frustration of a characters action. You will definitely lose sleep when you obsessively stay up all night reading “just one more chapter”.

CROSSFIRE is addictive. In fact, you’re likely to read it more than once. Normally, books have good storyline with a pinch of romance, drama and suspense but this book is just one of its kind. A book with everything, it was an overwhelming experience reading this book.

After reading this book, I came to the realization that my belief about the teachings of puberty been one-sided, both by parents and other individuals involved in it is actually true. We focus more on the physical characteristics while banishing the sexual attributes in the atmosphere. CROSSFIRE sheds light on the sexual aspect without any unnecessary lascivious scene.

It is very rare to come across a book well-written, but this one is, believe me. The characters are winsome. Again, I don’t think my words can do the justice, get yourself a copy and read it through. Ponder over it, and then read it again to make sure that the truth contained in it sets up shop in your heart.

You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon, Okadabooks or MacroEdu Online Bookstore. You can also request for your copy by sending Omooba a message.

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