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A review of caricature artists in Nigeria made me stumble on pure talents. However, these 5 stand out.

Over the years, these young artists have kept us entertained with their unique style and creativity amongst the various art forms in the country.

Their combination of creativity and humour has given us something uncommon and interesting.

In no particular order,

Oseni Seun  @seriiky

This prolific caricature artist, painter and illustrator is based in Lagos. His unique style involves the use of fearless and elaborate brush strokes and brilliant colours.

Omotoye Paul @paulinxx09

The animator, concept illustrator, GFX designer and painter is based in Lagos. His characters are carefully sculpted in colours with subtlety. This professional art makes his art dramatic and lively.

Mala Iwa Gbado  @mala_iwa_gbado

The Jos artist has a unique brush strokes and intelligent choice of colours which undoubtedly makes his style unique.  He has an eye for details as well as composition.

Idowu Abayomi Zaccheus @art_ofyomi

Idowu’s short bio will read Digital Painter, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Graphics Designer and Draughtsman. The strength of this Lagos based artist is built around his use of colours and subtle brush strokes to create his paintings. He also captures the emotions of his subjects with little attention to composition.

Obioha Chibuike Clement   @liberto_clems

The Abia State based artist has a unique mastery and understanding of forms. He captures the essence as well as the emotions of his subjects with ease.  His colour choices are smart and subtle. You can be sure of his strokes too.

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