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Temitope Agbaje distributes fresh, pre-cleaned pònmó (cowskin). Pònmó  is a delightful delicacy for Nigerians and even foreigners alike, this invariably makes it a highly sought-after commodity. About a year ago, she considered the challenges in the supply of pònmó  to its numerous lovers and the setbacks being experienced by those who make a living from processing cow skin into the pònmó  which we all love. She identified certain gaps which she quickly moved to fill thereby making the business much more valuable.

Some of the problems which she noticed includes the lack of proper storage and packaging after production, this often makes the finished product that ends up with the buyers less attractive and sometimes perceived as unhygienic. The result of this is a loss of value for both parties, while the producers will settle for lower prices for their products, consumers are also left dissatisfied with the quality of pònmó  in the market. This inspired the entrepreneur in Temitope to move to solve this problem and it birthed her business.

At Àníké Oñpònmó, the choicest is sourced, freshly processed from suppliers in the ancient city of Ibadan who have perfected the art of making this delicacy for years.

Her business cleans and store them hygienically in a freezer, the packaging keeps the products fresh in clear, air tight, resealable bags, and we supply to customers in various sizes. With this I have been able to sell to hundreds of individuals and I also currently supply two supermarkets In Ibadan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Àníké Oñpònmó uncovered. 

Temitope Agbaje’s publicly available Àníké Oñpònmó is packaged in such a way that you might not know who is behind the brand. Temitope is absolutely happy with the service she offers to people. Right now, she’d scale the growth her business is experiencing as Perfecto! However, she is on the road to the peak 😃

“I’m contented with the level at which I offer my services to people now till I can afford the cost to upgrade and improve”

Temitope is optimistic about not making costly mistakes in the course of her novel pònmó business. She is out there to always win! 

No mistakes at all.

“The sale of pònmó was all my mum’s idea. She started selling dried pònmó and I used to hawk for her. On a wider thought, I decided to make it more convenient for the buyers by making it fresh and ready-to-cook and I came about this.”

She knew that she was doing something right because everyone around her had this unbelievable excitement about her fresh and ready-to-cook pònmó. Who wouldn’t commend such thoughtfulness? A number of folks even went further to patronize Àníké Oñpònmó. A toast to something spicy.

Temitope’s mission was to provide sweet and ‘curly’ pònmó in the most convenient way without any compromise in the quality and even much more, a better quality.

The novelty of the business makes it unique. I have not seen any like it yet. Not even in Ibadan, the largest city in sub – Saharan Africa.

Temitope’s business is expanding and she has been consistently working on procuring more machines to help cater for a large amount of your orders. She remotely works from home and consistently serves about 250 clients. She believes that an increase in social media visibility will do her business so much good.

I need not tell you that she distributes fresh, pre-cleaned and ready to cook pònmó under the brand name Àníké Oñpònmó

Her products can be readily found in Ibadan supermarkets. Save for testimonials from those who now budget for the purchase of pònmó, social media has been her advertising agency.

Overcoming obstacles in her enterprise? See this for yourself

“Of course, I knew what I wanted to do and I was determined to do it, hence I had to get used to the fact that it’s actually pònmó I’m selling

Someone (A guy) once said How can a fine girl like you be selling pònmó ? after advertising my goods to him! Mo ya look away

Of course, he won’t settle my bills.

This wasn’t really an obstacle but I had to get used to that kind of comment.

I can’t say I have gotten a hang of financial obstacles yet but I’ve learnt how to manage the finances to keep the business running better.”

A wise man whose name is unknown to me once said “If you live for the acceptance of people, you’ll die from their rejection” and Temitope totally agrees.

In as much as it is important to carry friends and family along in what you do, they just might not be interested. It is then left for you to carry on and forge ahead. You should be determined more than ever before to excel in it and you’ll see them soon enough ‘famzing’ you.

I am ‘famzing’ Temitope because she does what she loves doing and her efforts are yielding results. Eventually, her work will be justified.

While asking Temitope what the most difficult part of being self – employed was, she was swift to talk about the early days; the days of investing all you have just so the business stands tall.

And she considers having her whole time to herself, without being at the mercy of anyone as the most rewarding part of being entrepreneurial

Temitope is a sage and I requested for a piece of advice to someone staring at entrepreneurship.

She had this to say: take it slow but steady, one step at a time, a day at a time but definitely making progress and subjecting yourself to the least possible pressure.

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