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In the quest for long – lasting solutions and breakthrough, professionals are usually caught in the web of worrying about their level of competence. They are often confronted with the “Am I good enough?”, “Do I have what it takes to deliver?” and “Do I have the right temperament?”  kind of narrative. 

What this does is that it shifts their attention off the process and lose track of development. 

Do not think too far. I am not just writing to professionals. As an enthusiast or even a dreamer, you are not left. 

Literarily, this piece is for you. 

Being committed to a systematic search for imaginative and useful ideas is what successful folks share. It’s not the special trait of being a genie that you think you lack. Unless you put your special skills to work in a way that brings value to the table, talent pulls little or no weight in the gathering of doers. Remarkable progress can be recorded in any scope of assignment(any age or size) because at heart it has to do with a certain kind of activity: innovation, the disciplined effort to improve a potential.

Most innovations result from a conscious, purposeful search for opportunities within your space as well as the larger social and intellectual environment. A successful innovation may come from pulling together different strands of knowledge, quest to do more, recognizing an underlying theme in public perception, or extracting new insights from your failures.

The basics is to know where to look. Enough said. I hope this helps. 

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