There is a universal conversation we all know, word — for — word. You can actually hear it on your street or at any event all across the globe. From the interior of the ancient Ibadan or Allen in Ikeja, Lagos State to Washington in the United States of America. It goes like this:

AJ: Hi, how are you?
JB: I’m fine. How are you?
AJ: Not bad. Thank God. What’s new?
JB: Not much. How about You?
AJ: Same here. I have been busy.
JB: Me too. Good to see you.
AJ: You too. We should get to talk sometime soon.
JB: Great Idea. I will give you a call.
AJ: Well, bye. See you later.

This is what a typical conversation looks like and of a truth, it is a conversation involving two folks desperately in search of a central theme of discussion. Without one or more subjects that you want to talk about, you will waste your time in purposeless chit-chat just like the conversation we all know: a one-size-fits-all script that was installed at birth!

It pays to be prepared to talk about subject matters that you care about. It would be safe to say that having a plan for your conversations no matter how inconsequential you think the conversation would be is vital.

Always listen for your cue. One cue is hearing “How are you?” or “What’s new?” It is an avenue to tell a success story. It could be a short punchy anecdote. It should mirror what you do, what you are interested in, something important about your business or what you have to offer.

Anyways, in recent times, I have had to see critical and touching scenes in the Nigerian Public Service. When I am lost in awe of the challenges ahead, it stimulates my thoughts and has always been an issue of This is why I do what I do. As for you my friend, What’s new?

Oh! You don’t know me? You are reading my piece for the first time? I am a Global Citizen of Ìbàdàn origin. I am a catalyst of Good Thinking, Passion, Due Diligence, Love, Discipline and Grits. I am very much interested in knowing you. Tell me about you!

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