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In this fast — evolving world, it’s all too easy to run from one activity to another event. It seems whatever is made available by the social sphere for the week will do. In this simplified analogy of how we respond to what our world dictates lies answers to why networking does not work.

I am swift to remind myself why I need to slow down. A plot twist right?! I get to serially make a long range plan about what I want to be famous for. I try not to leave out the reasons even though they sometimes seem incomplete.

Have you ever struggled with the thought of the most suitable organizations you should join? It is pertinent that you test drive those ideas before you make that commitment or plunk down the membership dues.

Design a model for yourself that will make you the natural and only choice when opportunity comes knocking. I think that is being strategic! Or do you think it is just too calculating to decide on a networking goal and go after it?

Do you wish things would just happen without you orchestrating them? Well, it is safe to conclude that there is a difference between leveraging on your network and manipulating them. Managing them is Quite Okay; and manipulating them is Not! I think the moment you can decipher what the difference is, you will feel more comfortable making a strategic networking plan.

Planning for visibility and credibility is just like any other planning you do for your career or business. You have limited time and cash to spend in the market, and without a plan, you will comfortably cast the foundation of an aimless activity that does not amount into anything.

I think this makes sense! What do you think?
Keep me posted.

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