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By instict, we should know who we are!

The stereotyped person will tell us of how the average Nigerian is dishonest, incurably corrupt, completetely lawless, annoyingly impatient and incompetent. Such a person will also say we are cheats as well as lazy fellows. However, the question every Nigerian should answer individually is if any of these words defines you? Personally, I can assure you that this does not describe me.

Historical facts put Nigerians as skilled artisans however it seems things have changed today; we have been messing things up. Artifacts of the past are far in advance and of better quality when compared to this day. Nigerians are sincerely travellers! Mungo Park’s crew that travelled all had Nigerians. The Nigerian is a warrior; Lagos resisted occupation just as the Nothern Caliphate. The 16th Century Queen Amina as well as the 19th Century King Jaja of Opobo are examples. We perharps have not paid attention to history. When we relate Nigeria and her history to civilization, we will discover that little is known yet Nok culture sprang forth in the northern area of the meeting of Rivers Niger and Benue on the Jos Plateau situated in our dear nation as far back as 500BC.

Many Nigerian youth migrate in a bid to find a greener pasture! Corruption has ripped all sectors of the nation of her dignity. The abuse and hijack of democracy has been experienced through ages and as such the confidence in the dear nation is lost. We have seen the religious circles with renewed zeal; probably a product of frustration thus a need to be closer to God. 

The Nigerian is an intellect. We like to go to school just as we like to attend social functions. Innately spiritual either to the right or wrong God. The average Nigerian is competitive, you can perceive this strongly when one starts a business and you will see many toll that very same line of business. An emergence of the new face of businesses both local and internationally. He is indeed an in-built survivor!

Looking critically at these, saying all that is needed is in accessing who we am is not wrong. In this lies our strength for great impact. No regrets that I am a Nigerian! This will pose questions like What then can I do? And what has Nigeria got to offer for me?Where is all of the energetic taking off taking us to as a nation?

Preparation! I must say.

Dwelling so much on this, we will see that this is an era for us to make a differene. It is a time we must rise up to whatever the task is. We have the power and act to make the change. If we can rise up to the acts of governance, those being governed will not be deceived. If my heart yearn to see the development of teenagers then  I must be ready to take charge of my destiny; no one can stop me!

In the scheme of things, this is our time! It is our time to rise up globally individually  as persons for our nation to rise into prominence. There are resources in our nation Nigeria: capital, manpower, natural!

If anyone must come to interact with us, it then must be on our very own terms and as such,we must make it different. No black nation is widely spread with representatives everywhere as Nigeria. Little wonder a former Ambassador of Nigeria to Australia testified to the fact that the largest mosque in Southern Australia, a state defined by extreme wilderness; the empty expanse of the arid Nullarbor Plane and the red dunes of the Simpson desert belongs to a Yoruba man; a Nigerian! We also pride in our Igbo brothers who have taken control of the electronics, spareparts and assemblying tools market in sub-saharan Africa. They are avid traders. Nigerian Doctors are everywhere! They are some of the best surgeons you will find.

That’s who the Nigerian is! Of the black race, we love certifications! This shows our subscription to academics. However, it seems we’ve not maximized what we pay for.

The good news is that we have a choice!

To remain as we are or find out what our individual areas of giftings are? What do I do with my gifts when discovered? Will my gift provide support for my family and I? How will I fund my area of gifting? Will I be able influence Nigeria and Nigerians  with these things?

In answering these questions, we will make a huge impact.

Regardless of who you are, what is the common goal we drive at as a nation. What do we believe in? What is our ideology? What can we all answer?

In America, it’s Freedom! Our neighbouring country Ghana prides herself in being independent and less dependent on other countries.  In China, all they do is driven by manpower. As for the Carribeans, it is creating an environment that classically describes paradise on earth for your  encounter. What exactly are we striving at as Nigerians?

Enough of excuses and blame game on our founding fathers; this is our generation and we must find it! It’s time to pride in our emblems of National Identity! They all speak about us; but do we care enough to think about it as Nigerians.

Our National Anthem means nothing to us and in believing in the words of those songs will sincerely change our minds to things. To serve with dignity means nothing to a large number of Nigerians including members of the National Youth Service Corps scheme! It uplifts the faith of every Nigerian reminding us of our goals and revives us to keep the nation in the bond of peace until it stands mightily. It is one of the greatest prayer we can say to our fatherland.

The features of the Nigerian coat of arms include an eagle mounted on a black shield trisected by two wavy bands. Two white horses support the shield, and at its baase is a wreath of coctus spectabilis flowers created  in the national colours of white and green. The eagle describes the strength of our dear nation, Nigeria and the two opposing horses symboize her dignity and strength. The black shield represents the fertile soil while the ‘Y’ shaped silvery bands represent the Niger and Benue Rivers which flows differently but joined at a certain point to form the main inland waterways in Nigeria. And the beautiful and colourful coctus spectabilis can be found in the Guinea Savanna; they are wildly grown there.

As for the Nigerian flag, the two greenish left and right in the National flag of Nigeria represents Nigeria’s vast forest and agriculture, the abundant national wealth and its lush and arable vegetation while the white at the centre represents peace and unity; absolute serenity!

The fact that we have lots of agricultural prospects is undeniable. It is time to get back to the farm and feed nations. So many graduates of Agricultural Engineering, Wood Products Engineering,  Food Processing, Engineering, Science and Bio-Technonlogy to work on proceeds from our farmers. Through this, even wastes can be reduced drastically through the exploitation of by-products. The joy that proceeds from this is in the fact that needs are being met directly despite the fact that you will feed your family.

We call these things little and as such take them for granted and that’s why we have been drifting! It is time to say enough. If we enshrine ourselves in the identity of our nation Nigeria it seems we are going no where despite all of our certifications and history as a nation.

The natural desire of a good Nigerian is the knowledge and understanding of our symbols of National Identity. An ideology we must believe in because they remind us who we are, where we are and where we are going. But most importantly we muster up zeal and enthusiasm to keep pushing on every second of life.

If there is any fragment of achievement that we have seen, it is nothing when compared to what we will achieve when we all enshrine ourselves in the Nigerian identity. We will build a great monument on these and it is my desire that it becomes foundational for generations coming after us. Nigeria definitely will change! It is my call. It is yours too.  I have given my own life to this and I will fix it; so should you. When our identity is clear, the road is clear!

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