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Hi, I am Ajibola

and I am excited to have you here.

I provide technical support on policy formulation and direction, innovation, strategy, and operational management to Governments, organizations, companies and corporations.

I’m the guy they come to when they want to go from a struggling entity to a highly-performing and highly-praised qualitative phenomenon.

I help them systemize their processes, workflow, communication, and strategy so they can work for 4 hours a day, increase revenue, and deliver top – notch services on autopilot.

I’m good at this because I test everything on myself. Doing “impossible” things is a forte to me.

If you are an elected public official or corporate guru that wants guaranteed results and shorter work time, shoot me a direct message to see if I have some client spots open.


Writing is therapeutic. It is my safe – space.

I have been writing for a while: only to lose the basics to inconsistency and focus on non – essentials. I returned to my first love in May 2020 and I am back for good.

My writings will help you boost productivity on an intersection of note-taking, good thinking & due diligence.

My writings strive to have you inspired, learn something new, and/or have a laugh. Make this space your playground and subscribe to get all of the regular updates, event details, and general fun stuff.


Beyond business engagements, collaborations and features, I am constantly thinking of ways to bring my readers enjoyable, inspiring and useful content.

With The Productivity Mindset Show, I bring individual experiences to the forefront of my conversations: to empower individuals to achieve and appreciate personal productivity without burning out. People enjoy talking to me and I enjoy driving our conversation.

Waste Management

My goal is to provide you with a source of knowledge that can be used in everyday life to help make this world a greener place. Take your time, look around and learn all there is to know about waste management.

Ex: WestAfricaENRG, Executive Assistant (Private Contracts),
Ex: MWM, International & Medical Waste Manager,
Volunteer: Eleven Eleven Twelve Foundation.

I currently source for Waste management talents for New Cycle Environmental Consult as an HR Manager. I also offer tips on waste management on Instagram.

Work With Ajibola

In clear terms: I am designing a path to greatness.

Irrespective of niche:

  • I am showing other young people the path to follow and how to reach their dreams.
  • I am showing what the future looks like and I am helping people find the path to their own future.

You can scoop my thoughts in  the course of an engagement. You can be sure of custom content capable of catapulting your visibility, and a boost to attract new leads.

If you’d like to connect with me, be specific (a call to action), What would you have us talk about? Any recommendations? Just Shoot!


I am all out to create content that changes lives.

I will help you design systems that work for you so, you can produce your best work.

I write about personal productivity on an intersection of note taking, good thinking  and due diligence.

Data Collection and Management

Collecting and managing data can be incredibly time – consuming, and if not conducted efficiently, it can pose a tremendous burden.

My system allows easy interpretation of data.

Problem Solving
  • Municipal Enumeration and Billing

Many African States are concerned with the property record keeping, billing and collection of taxes in a bid to generate adequate revenue.

My preliminary work in the waste management space afforded me the opportunity to work on proffer solutions on Municipal Enumeration and Billing. I can assist in closing such loopholes through an integrated system.

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